Best Seiko Dive Watches (August 2018)

Top 5 Seiko Dive Watches (August 2018)

Seiko makes incredible, affordable dive watches.  If you are to weigh affordability, functionality, looks, and collectability they are the best deal bar none in the dive watch word.  Here are my top 5 that you can pick up today (ruling out historical models like the beautiful 6105).

All watches in the top five are automatics – if you are going to get a Seiko I highly recommend staying away from quartz.  Once you get used to the smooth sweeping second hand it is impossible to go back.  Save quartz for your digital beater watches.

As dive watches all watches in the top five are also rated to at least 200M (with the MM300 topping the list at 300M).

5.  Seiko SKX007 “Bond”

Coming in at number 5 is the Seiko SKX007 also known as the “Bond.”  Unclear whether the naming is due to the serial number or how well it pairs with the iconic Bond Nato striped strap.  This is the perfect beginning watch.  If you aren’t sure about Seiko the affordability of this watch offers an incredible entry point.  At the time of writing this is going for $215.  You won’t be disappointed.

I highly recommend switching out the rubber strap with a nylon Zulu or Nato strap – it takes the watch (and all Seiko’s in my opinion) to the next level.

4.  Seiko SRPB51 “Samurai”

On my wishlist – the “Samurai” enters us into the higher price point bracket of Seiko’s Prospex line.  It offers a very unique design that sets it apart from the rest of the Seiko lineup as well as other dive watches on the market.  It is very hard to be unique and at the same time understated without being a homage to the great dive watches.  Coming in at $320 this watch offers another great value.

3.  Seiko SBDC031 “Sumo”

On my wishlist – the Seiko “Sumo” is another entry from the Prospex line (you will hear that alot going forward).  The Seiko “Sumo” is a classic and will only get better with age.  Both the black and blue faces are stunning – while the slightly shrouded bezel offers a unique look that really makes this watch stand out.

The Sumo weighs in roughly $420.  Another great value.

2.  Seiko SRP777K1 “Turtle”

The Seiko SRP777K1 is the reissue of the famous 6309 model of watch known as the “Turtle” – the reissue is a slightly larger but faithful recreation of the original.

A fantastic comparison of the reissue and the original can be found on one of my favorite watch sites – Worn & Wound (The Return of the “Turtle”: Seiko Brings Back a Classic).

This watch will wear well today and be a collectors piece in the future.  Folks just can’t get over that cushioned case.

1.  Seiko MM300 “MarineMaster”

The Seiko MM300 is my grail of Seiko watches.  I own the MM300 and it is my favorite Seiko (out of the 10+ that I own).  This is an absolutely stunning watch.  The depth of the bezel – the classic features of the dial and beautiful hands – along with the one piece case (no case back!) makes this a really special watch.

This is the Submariner of the Seiko lineup and will be a collector’s item in 20 years that should appreciate with age.  As such it will set you back – coming in in the low ~2000 range.  For this watch – I highly recommend importing directly from Japan via my favorite Seiko dealer –